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Let Williams Accounting handle all of your accounting needs.

We specialize in servicing small to large businesses in various industries including Cannabis, Rental Real Estate, and Gig economy jobs in all 50 states. Let Mesheba Williams and her team prepare your business taxes, 1099s, payroll taxes, franchise taxes, personal property taxes, and monthly bookkeeping.

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About Mesheba Williams

Williams Accounting LLC is a Las Vegas-based accounting, tax, and financial consulting firm that works with clients to achieve the best solutions for their business.

Mesheba Williams has a Master's Degree in Accounting and Financial Management and also a Master's Degree in Financial Analysis with ten years experience working in the accounting profession. She is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

What we can do for you
A wide range of services to meet all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs

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    Running a business is the dream for many, but doing it all yourself can be overwhelming. Let us take care of one of your headaches by managing your books while you focus on the core of your business and growing it for the future with our help.

    We do not just print out reports and send you on your way; we provide insights, set benchmarks, measure and monitor metrics that matter most to your business.

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    Monthly Bookkeeping

    Bring us your existing books or receipts and we will get them back on track and keep them up to date so they're ready once tax season rolls around. We use Quickbooks Online (QBO) which is a fantastic tool, giving dual access to clients and accountants. Using QBO, we can link your bank, credit card, and Paypal statements eliminating manual entry. We will reconcile your bank statements monthly, set up a chart of accounts, and generate financial statements reports that provide an overview of your business.

  • Tax Preparation
    Tax Preparation

    We prepare federal, state, franchise, and personal property tax returns for all 50 states, plus city and locality returns, including tax returns for non U.S. citizens. We use tax software that automatically integrates tax documents and trial balances to minimize manual data entry thus reducing the time it takes to prepare a tax return.

    1031 EXCHANGE

    If you are ready to retire from landlording a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) may be the answer you have been looking for. With a DST you are a passive owner with no landlord duties, no financial responsibility to any debt that may be placed on the property and do not pay any property taxes. You owe it to yourself to investigate the DST option for your 1031 exchange.

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    Incorporation, LLC Filings

    We have helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, file all their necessary business filings including Incorporation, LLC filings, Business Compliance, and State Tax Registrations IN ALL 50 STATES. 

    We can handle all state and city level employer tax registration requests.  We can also assist with a business expanding into other states where you have added employees in other states or when a company is moving from one state to another or moving its employees from one state to another.  


    Startups, Entrepreneurs, Cannabis

    What type of entity structure best suits your needs? How often do you need access to cash? What about asset and liability protection? What are the your state requirements? We can help answer these questions and provide a customized roadmap.


If you hire contractors, freelancers, or vendors and pay them more than $600 in business-related payments, then you’ll need to prepare and issue an IRS Form 1099.

Who needs a 1099?

Form 1099-NEC is used to report non-employee compensation only, which is due to recipients and the IRS by January 31.

Form 1099-MISC is most commonly used for reporting royalties, rent, other income, medical and health care payments.

What is the difference between the new and old Forms 1099?

It is due to recipients by January 31 and to be filed with the IRS by February 28

What is the due date for Form 1099?

Correct Form W-9s are the key to correct 1099s. To avoid possible matching notices with the IRS, it is important to ensure that the official name on the W-9 that corresponds with the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) matches exactly what is on file with the IRS.

What is the correct way to prepare Form 1099?

· Since 1921 IRS allows 100% of realized gains from property sales in a trade or business to be deferred

· If an investor sells a property and uses the proceeds to buy a similar property, they can defer capital gains and losses indefinitely or until they make a final sale of a property

What are the tax advantages of a 1031 Exchange?

· Can exchange one property for another or multiple properties or vice versa

· Can also invest in securitized real estate

· May exchange full equity from a sale for 100% tax deferral or only a portion of the equity from a sale, investors can pay taxes on the portion not exchanged

What are the different types of 1031 Exchanges?

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  • Consultation Plan

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